Wed. 10th. August 2022.

As a Hard-Pressed Project Manager, you will be aware of the pressures to ensure fast, accurate delivery. In most companies, the necessity to stay within budget is greater than ever!

Recognising this, I set out to create a new kind of computer company: one that delivers custom built software, with no bugs, on time and bang on budget. After three years on the drawing board, the company is now operational.

I do not have space to explain everything on this page, but it is elsewhere on this site. Here are some highlights to give you the flavour.

Unremitting quality control is key. We create automated tests for everything, and ensure the software passes all tests before every delivery. We welcome and encourage tests designed by your people. Not only is all code fully tested and therefore correct when we write it, the tests ensure it stays correct during future revisions!

Flexibility and Control. We build and release on short cycles, typically 7, 14 or 21 days. A cycle begins when you select the content from a priced menu (we price each of your requirements separately, so you can buy just what you need). The cycle ends when the software is delivered. The cost, and content of each release is fully under your control which gives you the ability to steer your project as never before.

Low Cost and Great Value. While our rates are competitive that is not what I am getting at here. Rather we work very efficiently. Consider. Our quality control process means there are no bugs to find and remove, thus saving you money. Also, you know those ideas which seemed like a good idea when planning the project, but which you actually find you do not need at all? These will never make it into a build cycle. So they will cost you nothing. Further savings!

Every cycle must represent good value for you. I insist on it.

Progress measurement. Upon delivery at the end of the cycle, every function ordered is complete, thus we can measure progress with knife-sharp precision, and estimate future progress with considerable accuracy. This is great for planning purposes and coordinating with releases or product launches!

Risk management. Our processes ensure that risks to the project are minimised at every step. I hate surprises - especially bad ones - and I believe our clients feel the same. Our processes allow you to keep tabs on your project with a minimal time commitment, and ensure your business needs are fully met.

You get top quality development, sensible, predictable costs, using a process that gives you full control and reassurance of deliveries that are bug free and occur when planned.

Free initial consultation. You can find out a great deal more without cost or obligation. Just ring me and I will arrange a free 45 minute consultation, during which we can explore what you want to do and how best we can help you achieve your goals. No obligation naturally, but you will be glad you did.

Ian Hobson MBCS, B.Sc., Dip. Man.(Open)